Permission required: Sora activity

For schools using Sora, the Sora activity page (found under Insights > Sora activity) offers at-a-glance insight into your students' behavior and progress in Sora. The specific information available on the page is listed below.

To narrow your results by branch, time period, user type, and whether public library activity is included, select Filter activity.


  • The Sora activity page only reflects activity that occurred in Sora beginning on 8/16/2018.
  • Data for individual Sora users isn't currently available, but may be added in the future.

Reading data

  • Total books opened
  • Total time read
  • Average time per book by format
  • Average time per book by audience

User activity

  • Achievements
  • Average time per session
  • Average time per user
  • Unique users

Note: "Achievements" can't be filtered by public library activity or user type.

Trending titles

  • Top 10 titles (by checkouts)
  • Top 10 titles (by time read)

Note: "Top 10 titles (by checkouts)" doesn't include titles borrowed from linked public libraries.

Last Updated: Jul 16, 2019 03:51PM EDT