There may be occasions when purchased content is recalled (e.g., the digital rights for a title were incorrect or the title was a preorder that the publisher canceled before its street date). With this report (formerly called Recalled content), you can view details about recalled content, including the title(s), purchase details, and any credit issued.

This report will also show you whether there are any holds on the recalled titles. If holds exist, you can click the number of holds to go to the Manage holds tool and cancel them (they won't be automatically canceled).

Important notes:

  • To run this report from the inception date of your digital collection, open the report and select Run new report. In the "Report options" window that opens, make sure the "Period Type" is Specific, leave the start date and end date fields blank, and click Update.
  • Credit isn't issued for canceled preorders, since you're only charged for them once they reach their street date.
Last Updated: Jun 11, 2019 05:41PM EDT