When creating curated or automated collections, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Collection size

You need a certain number of titles in each collection to make sure it displays in its publishing location:

  • Collections with fewer than 3 titles won't display on your OverDrive website, unless they are published to the first collection on your home page (you can feature just 1 or 2 titles in that section, if you'd like).
  • Collections with fewer than 8 titles won't display in Sora's Explore tab (and instead will only display in the Collections section inside the Explore tab.)
  • Collections with fewer than 10 titles won't display in Libby.

As a general guideline, we recommend you include 12 - 200 titles in each collection.

General tips

  • Make sure collections have descriptive, eye-catching names.
  • Each collection's description should be brief and should complement the collection name.
  • Collections should highlight the variety of formats and subjects your library has to offer.
  • We recommend using the "Show all titles, but sort by availability" availability filter when creating a collection. This way, users will see ready-to-borrow titles first.

Tips for curated collections

  • Follow current or seasonal trends, like a list of books that will soon be movies, titles about a hot political issue, or holiday-themed titles.
  • Build curated collections for one-time events, author- or series-based collections, or topics that won't be updated frequently.
  • Examples of curated collections include Nobel Prize Winners, Local Authors, Librarian Favorites, and Harry Potter Read-Alikes.

Tips for automated collections

  • Try creating automated collections to replace your users' need to perform multi-faceted searches. For example, a New Chinese ebooks collection lets users easily see titles that fit all of those categories without using search filters or the advanced search.
  • To create dynamic collections that update frequently, be sure to include formats and subjects that your library will continue to purchase.
  • Examples of automated collections include New Romance ebooks, Audiobook Thrillers, Available Now, New Spanish Titles, or Most Popular Audiobooks.
Last Updated: Jun 04, 2019 04:51PM EDT