With this report (formerly called Unique user activity), you can view how many unique users have borrowed titles from your collection by day, month, year, or branch (if applicable). We recommend comparing this report with the New users report to look for matching trends.

If you have "Marketplace settings" permission, you can also enable the display of barcodes (users’ library card numbers or usernames) in this report by adjusting your Marketplace settings (located under the Admin tab).

Important notes:

  • To run this report from the inception date of your digital collection, open the report and select Run new report. In the "Report options" window that opens, make sure the "Period Type" is Specific, leave the start date and end date fields blank, and click Update.
  • To ensure your count of unique users is accurate, set the "Unique users with checkouts by" field to the largest time breakdown you need (day, month, year). For example, if you need a count of unique users in June, set the "Unique users with checkouts by" field to be Monthly, then view June's numbers. If you choose smaller breakdowns and then add them together, some users may be counted multiple times.
Last Updated: Jun 11, 2019 05:41PM EDT