With this report, you can view real-time data about titles in your collection. This includes the number of copies owned, how many Metered Access licenses are used and remaining, total and current checkouts for a title, total and current holds for a title, and title status ("In collection" or "Weeded").

The report will only return data for titles that were originally purchased within time period you specify, and you can choose whether to include or exclude preorder titles. If a title was originally purchased outside the time period, but additional copies were purchased during your date range, the title will still be excluded from this report. However, the number of copies purchased/owned will include all copies purchased up to the time you run the report, not just copies purchased within your date range.

You can also use this report to view titles that have a minimum or maximum number of checkouts (for example, titles that have been checked out a minimum of 50 times, or titles that have never been checked out [maximum of 0 checkouts]).

Important notes:

  • To run this report from the inception date of your digital collection, open the report and select Run new report. In the "Report options" window that opens, make sure the "Period Type" is Specific, leave the start date and end date fields blank, and click Update.
  • Titles that you own in more than one lending model will be counted under each applicable lending model.
  • Expired Metered Access (MA) titles do not appear in the "titles" or "copies" rows. Instead, they appear in the "MA: by time – 0 time remaining" and/or "MA: by checkout – 0 checkouts remaining" rows.
  • Expired titles in the "MA: earlier of x time or y checkouts" model will be counted in both the "MA: by time – 0 time remaining" and "MA: by checkout – 0 checkouts remaining" rows.
  • The "MA - licenses left" and "MA - licenses used" rows include titles in the "MA: by checkout" and "MA: earlier of x time or y checkouts" models.
  • "Latest checkout" is updated nightly.
  • Advantage accounts: The "Date added to site" column will show the date the title was first added to the consortium's collection (if there are consortium holdings of the title). Additionally, if your Advantage account has purchased extra copies of a title that's owned by the consortium, those copies will be included in the "Report summary – Consortium" box at the top of the page, not the "Report summary – Advantage" box.
  • Consortium accounts (with Advantage Plus sharing): Shared Advantage content is included in this report, in addition to consortium-owned content. The "Adv Plus shared" column will show the total number of units shared by all Advantage members. Shared Advantage Plus content is also included in the report summary rows.
  • Consortium accounts (without Advantage Plus sharing): Advantage units aren't included in this report. 
Last Updated: Jun 11, 2019 03:16PM EDT