You can choose where curated and automated collections appear on your OverDrive site. Collections can be added to your home page, to the Collections section of your site, or to both.

Home page

Your home page should highlight popular, eye-catching content to capture users' attention so that they continue to browse and borrow. You should rotate your home page collections frequently to keep returning users engaged.


In the Collections section of your OverDrive site (which is collapsed into the site menu on small screens), you can have up to 4 categories to group similar collections together. By default, categories are organized by format, but you can contact your Account Manager (whose contact information is listed under the Marketplace Support tab) to edit, add, or remove your categories.

 Here are some example categories options:

  • Read it now (display curated and/or automated collections that have availability filters set to "show only available")
  • Languages (display automated collections filtered by language)
  • Authors on display (display curated collections featuring highlighted authors or read-alikes)
  • Next in line (display curated collections of popular series)
  • Subjects (display curated and/or automated collections within a specific subject; for example, a Sciences tab could display automated collections of nonfiction nature studies, computer skills texts, and more)
  • Seasonal (display curated collections for seasonal celebrations, food, or traditions)
  • Staff recommendations (display curated collections of staff picks, plus one low-circulating automated collection)

Regardless of where you publish collections, every published collection has a unique URL that you can share on your main website or through social media, if you'd like.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2018 04:01PM EDT